Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014 – Year-End Ritual/Visualization

Happy December and Happy New Year! 

I’ve been on a self-gifted Sabbatical – that’s why you haven’t heard from me in awhile.  After months of feeling tired, shorter-fused than I wanted to be with my kids, and just generally burned out, I decided I was finally going to practice what I preach, listen to what my mind and body were telling me I wanted, and gift myself a Sabbatical. I’m still working, still writing, still coaching, still dreaming and doing – but doing less – and only doing the things that really, really excite me. (Here’s a picture of the Zeff Family playing at the beach on vacation in L.A.!)

I’m no longer doing things just because “that’s how I’ve done them for the 12 years that I’ve been coaching.” Or, “because that’s how people think I should be doing it or will expect me to do it (Hence the surprise Tidbits popping up at various inspired moments instead of on a regular schedule).”  Or, “because this is how I thought I would be doing it at this point in my business/career.”

I’m doing things the way I WANT and because I WANT to do them. It is freeing.

Letting go of all of those “should” Ogres and fears hasn’t been easy but I am so loving who I am as a mom/coach/wife/friend that it is worth the time and energy of staying conscious. I’m listening to my True Voice. That voice that is purely mine – without all the “should’s”, “have to’s”, and “ought to’s” popping up that cloud my judgment and my life! I have given myself a gift!

I have a gift for you.  Don’t worry it won’t necessarily lead you to a sabbatical (unless you want it to, of course).  What it can do is lead you to your True Voice and to a vivid and extraordinary 2014 and beyond, that you consciously choose and create for yourself.

I’ll guide you to review 2013 – to let go of old patterns and fears and to envision, create, and live 2014 just as you most desire.

Click the link below to treat yourself to a FREE year-end review/visualization and ritual audio/MP3 for you to download:

Goodbye 2013, Hello to 2014!

This short 40-minute ritual/visualizaion can change your life!

Feel free to share this link, do it with friends, even make it an official part of your Holiday Celebration.

An amazing 2014 is waiting for you. Whether it is creating and taking a sabbatical for yourself, or just adding some more verve into the life you are living – your vivid and extraordinary 2014 (and beyond) is waiting…

I’d love to hear from you. Email me...

Can’t wait to hear…

Happy New Year!  Enjoy an amazing year.  And, I’ll talk with you soon when we are both inspired to connect…

Much Peace and Love!


P.S. If you are feeling stuck in your 2013 patterns, then let’s set up a time to talk. In one no-cost session, we can explore what it will take for you to find the freedom and ease that you want for 2014 and beyond. Simply email me and give me some details about what’s going on to sign up! I reserve some time each month for these calls. Hearing from you inspires me. Happy New Year!


“The single most important thing I did in December of 2012 was to slow down and complete Julie’s Year-End Ritual/Visualization – Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!  The things I wrote down during that time were exactly what happened in 2013!  I have no doubt this is because I purposed it and saw it happening in advance, with Julie’s guidance.”  April O’Leary, Mom of 3 & Founder of the University of Moms

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Infused Breathing

Happy September!

We did it! We moved again and I love our tiny, new place!  We moved into temporary housing – a beautiful, cozy, two-bedroom apartment – I feel like I’m 20 again – just with three little kids in one room. The kids started school, and we all have been off and running… All really good stuff, and super busy! That’s a picture of me with a view from my balcony. Click on either picture to hear a recording of this Tidbit on YouTube.

In moments though, I have been completely and utterly overwhelmed – hence no Tidbit in August! Things were moving super-fast in there and I had a really hard time slowing down or getting conscious in some moments.  I was moving on automatic pilot, at times, trying to frantically pack or unpack, fill out forms for kids, get school supplies, and get organized before and even after the school year started.

When I finally did get conscious, I noticed that in those overwhelming moments my breath was shallow. I felt tightness in my chest, jaw, and shoulders. And, there wasn’t much room for any kind of flow, ease or space. YUCK! I really didn’t like it there…yet there I was, anyway…

In fact, as I’m typing right now, even just remembering some of those days, I can still feel the exact same sensations in my body. So, I’m going to stop typing for a moment and close my eyes, and take some breaths (I’m typing this after I actually did it!). My ribs expand; my breath deepens and slows. I now have some space and room – even just a tiny bit.  More ease. I breathe more.  I find more space.

I use the space to imagine myself dealing with the challenges and excitement of our new home and the school year ahead, with patience, love, ease, flow, passion, and being present to all that comes, fully.

I feel a smile spread across my face.  I open my eyes and immediately close them again. I want more of my delicious vision. It sure is nice to feel connected to myself, strong, and clear. I take a few more deep and full breaths and let my breath spread this delightful, spacious, and powerful energy through my whole body and mind. I slowly open my eyes. I feel grounded, inspired and ready to live (and write) fully!  The icky stuff has cleared away – even if only for a few moments…

Your breath is powerful! Your breath can merely keep you alive. Or, it can change your life. You know how to breathe and you know how to dream. By bringing the two together, becoming conscious of your breath, deepening it and infusing it, consciously, with inspiring images, thoughts, or feelings, you are creating and even living, even if only for a moment, your vivid life.

With each infused breath you move stuck energy, old beliefs and patterns out of your body/mind and move in inspiring images, thoughts and emotions. With time, intention, and practice you’ll live into these inspiring moments at will.

You can practice this Infused Breathing anywhere; sitting at your desk, at a red light, while lying in bed, or use it as a focus for meditation.  And, this infused breathing can be even more potent when paired with a good cardio workout or deep yoga class to really get it pumping strongly into your body and cells from head to toe.

Breathe. Give yourself a gift!

This month change your life with Infused Breathing.

  1. What are three inspiring images (they can be actual images that you have seen or ones that you create in your minds-eye) that evoke the absolute best in you?
  2. Commit to pairing your breath with these images any time you remember and especially when exercising, moving, practicing yoga or meditating.
  3. When you find yourself in a stressful situation or when you need to make a decision, close your eyes take some breaths and anchor into your inspiring images, thoughts or emotions and notice the calming wisdom that you may have even more      access to.

What changes for you in your body and life when you practice infused and conscious breathing? Please post below! Can’t wait to hear.

Much Beautiful, Conscious, Infused Breathing, and Love,


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100 Things to do in Your Lifetime List

Happy July! It is possible, if you are reading this at the beginning of July, that when you read this I’ll be flying over the Atlantic Ocean returning from a 10-day cruise to Greece and Italy (with a stop in Turkey and Croatia). Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Zeff for taking us all with you to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary! 50 years together and a trip to Italy and Greece – all so dreamy!
Many of you may have heard about something called a Bucket List or I call   it a 100 Things to do in Your Lifetime List.  I talked about it in a Tidbit a few years ago and you’ll see it again in my book, Vivid Living for Busy Moms: Coach Yourself to an Extraordinary Life.

I know, you’re a busy mom. You barely have time to shower some days, and can barely keep up with your kid’s schedule on other days, so why is a list with more things to do on it important?

Your 100 Things to do in Your Lifetime List will help you focus on doing special activities that you REALLY want to do.  It will guide you to make decisions that are in line with your dreams and passions when you do have (or make) an opportunity for a vacation, a new hobby, or some time away with or without your kids. And, crossing things off your list can be thrilling in and of itself!

Spending some time in the Greek Isles and travelling around the world with my kids is on my 100 Things to do in Your Lifetime list. I got to do   both on this trip! And I thoroughly enjoyed using the Word Document cross-out feature to cross them off!

What about you? You may not have had the time or opportunity to travel to Europe, but summer especially, because of warm weather and flexibility with   schedules, can be a great time to cross some fun adventures, explorations, or new experiences off your list.

If you have a list, I invite you to take it out and look it over. Remind yourself of all of the things you want to do in your lifetime and see what you can cross off this month.

If you don’t have a list yet, then I invite you to create your own 100 Things to do in Your Lifetime List. There’s no time like the present.  And, it can be super fun!

Do something to consciously live your vivid and extraordinary life. No   need to let those Ogres or complacency get the best of you.  What is one   thing that you can do this month to cross something off or to get yourself closer to crossing something off your list?

No excuses. No Ogres. Go cross things off. Exhilarate yourself!

100 Things to Do in Your Lifetime List

Write a list of 100 things you want to do in your lifetime. This is a fun   exercise to get you thinking about your short and long-term dreams, desires,   passions, and wishes. The sky is the limit!  Really!! Dream BIG!




4.…and so on…

Click here to view Julie’s Top 100 Things   to do in Your Lifetime List.

What’s it gonna be this month?  Share what you are going to cross off your 100 Things to do in Your Lifetime List this month or even just some things that are on your list. We’d love to hear!

Much Peace and Love,


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Your HeartTruth Knows!

We are moving…again! We are looking for a house to buy in our amazing neighborhood in Atlanta. We just love it here!

But which house? The one we are currently renting? Another house that’s on the market in the neighborhood? We have to decide soon! Our lease is up and our rental house is going on the market this week!

And, I do love our current rental home…but it doesn’t have everything we want…but, it is in a great location…but I bet we could find a home that has more of what we want within our price range…but everything is moving so quickly what if we don’t find something…and we have to move into temp housing AGAIN…and what if I regret it and miss this place so much because I really do love so much of it…

Can you hear and feel it? Those Ogres (limiting thoughts and beliefs)? The heaviness? Fear? Uncertainty? My mind is spinning! My heart-rate is up. It is hard to breathe and to trust.

Ever been here before?

We all have been. And, we all will be again! The good news is that once you are here you have choices. 

One choice is to use a tool that can help you get centered, grounded, and to tap into the natural wisdom of your body. Your HeartTruth! (Click here or on the picture above to watch my video all about HeartTruth.)

Listening to your HeartTruth will help you tap into your truth – deep within. Some people call it HeartTruth or “spirit, or “guide”, or even “G-d” – call it whatever works for you.

Yesterday on the heels of an exhausting episode of mental gymnastics trying to figure out how to make staying in our current house work, I took out my journal and had a conversation with my HeartTruth. Here’s how it went.

Julie: Should we buy this house?

HeartTruth (HT): (I thought at first my HT was going to say YES!! Of Course!! But, when I breathed and slowed down there was a long pause, I breathed and repeated the question a few times.) You will find what you are looking for?

Julie: Yes, but is it this house?

HT: You will find it.

Julie: But do we need to buy THIS house?

HT: You do not need to buy it now.  There is a house out there for you.

Julie: Thank you HT. (Ok – this was better I could feel this in my body.  I was more relaxed and there was less urgency.  It doesn’t need to be this house, now.  Maybe it still will be – who knows, but I clearly got that we don’t have to leap to buy it now.  I can trust that the right thing will come!) 

Curious? Now it’s your turn… 

Check-in with your HeartTruth. Here’s how to talk with your HeartTruth…

  1. Pen and Paper. Take out your pen and paper or journal.  It is      most powerful to write this on paper.
  2. Breathe. Take a few breaths and put your hand on your heart.
  3. Your Name. Write your name on the paper with a colon after it as      though you are writing dialogue for a play. 
  4. Question. Then write down the first question you have for your      HeartTruth. What is something that you want clarity about? Example:      Julie: Should we buy this house?
  5. HeartTruth. Write down HeartTruth and place a colon after it.       Then write down whatever you hear your HeartTruth say to you.       Breathe and listen.  Be patient and ask the question over and over      until you hear something…
  6. Thank you! Thank your HeartTruth for being with you and for      sharing it’s wisdom with you.
  7. Repeat. Repeat until you feel finished. You may want to ask a      similar question a few different ways to hear the answers. You can even      ask specifics like, “How do I do xyz?” Your HearthTruth will have      some answers for you if you slow down, are patient and listen – this will      get easier and easier with time and practice. 

This month, whether you are trying to decide what house to buy, what job to stay in or pursue, what to do with a relationship, how to help your child or someone you love, or even something as simple as what to do this weekend check in with your HeartTruth. You have endless wisdom within. Your body knows…

Please email me or post a comment to my blog to inspire us all and let us know what your HeartTruth told you and how you used it.  We’d love to hear…

Happy June!

Much Peace and Love,



2 Responses to “Your HeartTruth Knows!”

  1. Lauren says:

    My longtime friend jen and I watched the heart truth video, and it was helpful for us both. We are trying out how to figure out some ogres and worries. Facing big decisions can leave both of us overwhelmed. We will do the exercise in the morning. We are planning a wellness morning with yoga, meditation and heart truth time. We will let you know how it goes.

  2. admin says:

    So happy to hear it was helpful! Glad it inspired you and Jen to dive deeper together. There is so much strength and wisdom in sharing your journey with others and being on the path together… Hope you uncovered more delicious truths and wisdom! Peace and Love!

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You Can’t Do It Alone

Happy May! Happy Mother’s Day!

This is a time to celebrate. This is a time to honor all of the conscious energy (and sometimes not so conscious energy), love, spirit, commitment, passion and intention you bring to your kids, family, and your life as a mom. You are amazing!!

And one thing is for sure. Not one of us can do it (sanely) alone!

This was highlighted for me this month. I’m fine, but I had a scare!  I went for my annual mammogram and they saw an irregularity on one breast. I had to wait for almost three weeks to find out that I am perfectly healthy!

It was almost 3 weeks of intermittent dark, scary “I’m going to die” depression moments.  Almost 3 weeks of drinking in every amazing and beautiful breath, smile, touch, or word that came from my kids. Almost 3 weeks of tapping into all of my coaching tools that I possibly could (Essences, HeartTruth, BodyTruth, Future Self, Ogre Release and Replace, mantras, breathing and being super ubber present!).

Using all of these tools helped to keep me grounded, sane and away from the scary Ogres (limiting thoughts and beliefs) that were just waiting to drown me in gloom and doom. And, there was one tool that was possibly even more powerful than all of these – a huge gift for me – reaching out for support!

We ALL have moments of fear, sadness, and/or anxiety in our lives – especially as moms! In these moments it can be feel scary to reach out to friends and family for support. It can be hard to show people who normally think we have it all together (at least for the most part) our fear, vulnerability, raw tears, bad breath, wobbliness, and uncertainty.

And, it is exactly this revealing that gets us what we most desire and are craving – more support, connection, love, and being seen fully for who we really are!

So, this month share…

4 You Can’t Do It Alone Tips

  1. Name it. What is a success or challenge that you are faced with right now in your life?  It can be something big or little.  If sharing and reaching out to others is challenging or new for you, know that it’s okay to start with a small share, for practice. Work yourself up to bigger and bigger shares over time.
  2. What do you want? Get clear about what kind of support you want. The clearer you about what you want, the more likely you are to get it. I wanted people to be aware of what I was going through because I was distracted by it and I wanted people to send me healthy, strong thoughts, love, and energy. You might want practical support like someone to watch your kids, cook, go grocery shopping, or someone just lend an ear to listen.
  3. Share! There are so many ways to reach out today. In person, phone, email, text, Facebook, Skype, etc. I sat in a friend’s kitchen with non-stop tears rolling down my cheeks as she shared her inspiring health story and I shared my love and fears. Others I emailed. Others I texted. In fact, the final results I texted out to 15 people all at once. It was so easy to stay connected! So, be creative and find the ways that work for you and for each person you want to reach out to.
  4. Be Realistic. Don’t expect others to take away your pain. No one can do that for you. You’ve got to feel it and move through your own journey in your own way, on your own time.  And reaching out along the way can bring you incredible inspiration, strength, support, love, blessings, and simply the most amazing gift of knowing you are not alone!

So this month reach out. Be real. Be YOU! Love and support is all around.

Who are you going to reach out to today and this month?  What are you going to share?

Happy Mother’s Day, Beautiful Mama! You are not alone!

Much Peace and Love,


(That’s me in the middle with two of my oldest girlfriends that I saw when I visited Chicago this month. I shared it all with them!)

3 Responses to “You Can’t Do It Alone”

  1. April says:

    Great video! I tend to not want to share so this was a good reminder of the importance of inviting others to support me and celebrate with me too. And also love the part about being realistic. You rock!

  2. Madison says:

    Awesome video. I like because it is realistic. No one can do that for you. You’ve got to feel it and move through your own journey in your own way, on your own time. thanks for sharing us.

  3. admin says:

    So glad it resonated, Madison! Keep living your vivid and extraordinary life! Thanks for watching!

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5 Tips to Survive the Terrible 2′s and Beyond!

Happy April! Spring is here! This is a special and beautiful time of growth.  One thing’s for sure.  My kids and I, no matter what their age (or mine – I turn 41 this month), are definitely growing together.  They are, hands-down, my best teachers.

My mom was in town this week for Passover and we reminisced a lot about the days when my kids were younger – the joys and the challenges. And, I thought about the tools that have helped (and are still helping me – when I use them) to be the mom I want to be. (Hear me talk about these tools by clicking on the You Tube Video.)

Most people who know me, know that I’m not exactly a baby person.  Don’t get me wrong, I have three kids – a 4, 6 and 8 year old – that I adore with my heart and soul. And, saying that their 2-year old birthdays were big days for me, is an understatement.

My kids finally reaching the ripe old age of 2 meant more independence, communication and that I was going to see their distinct and unique personalities start to shine through more brilliantly.  I LOVED that!

And, when my kids turned 2 there was also a sense of bracing myself – like I was buckling in for the biggest, wildest roller coaster of my life.  I was embarking on the terrible 2’s.  Ahhhhhhh! (imagine me screaming this as I’m rushing down a roller-coaster drop).

With increased independence, communication, and personality, comes moments that can challenge even the most Zen of moms (which I am NOT, btw). And they can sometimes leave us feeling like the worst moms in the world!

I remember those impossible moments when my 2-year old didn’t want to get dressed or put on his shoes. I remember when my 2-year old didn’t want to eat anything but cheerios and avocado for days on end – regardless of how many hours I spent preparing gourmet meals.

I remember when my 2-year old never wanted to put on a jacket no matter how cold it was outside!  Oh and brushing teeth – she wanted to do it.  No, she wanted ME to do it.  No, wait! SHE wanted to do it by herself! I could never get it right.

I remember being exhausted because my 2-year old, finally in a big-girl bed, was trying out her new freedom, and trying my patience, by staying up as late as my husband and I.

Oh and what about coloring on the wall?  Kids really do do that – even after telling them 1001 times that, “We only color on paper!

I can (usually) reason with my kids more now that they are a bit older.  And, yes, thankfully, we all have more tools. And yet, sometimes the intensity and overwhelm is still very palpable during, and even after, challenging moments.

So whether your kids are 2 or 22 here are a few simple actions that can help you to stay calm and grounded in the midst of chaos. And most importantly can help you to see and remember what an amazing, beautiful, perfectly imperfect mom you are!

  1. Breathe – Stop what you are doing and take a deep breath, or two, or three, to help you calm down, and to feel your center, and truth – for even a second or two.  A breath will interrupt your first impulsive response and can slow down the barrage of Ogres (negative      thoughts or beliefs) flowing your way.
  2. Gratitude – What are the things you are grateful for in the moment? Gratitude is a powerful perspective.  Maybe you are grateful that your child didn’t use permanent marker on the wall.  Or, grateful that at least your child is eating something – even if it is just      cheerios. This is a quick way to shift your reactive energy in the moment.  And, every night before you go to bed, find three ways that you parented during the day that you are grateful for.  A gratitude practice will take you a long, long way.
  3. Forgive – When something does go amiss…you lose it, they lose it…Forgive yourself and them. Remember you, and they, are human and life is messy, not perfect! No need to sit in shame. Lovingly, and wholeheartedly forgive.
  4. Visualize – Learn from the experiences that didn’t go as you’d hoped. Visualize how you want it to go and what you can do differently next time.  Rewrite the scene showing up just as you most desire. Feel it in your body, breathe, and see it in your mind’s eye.  You can even role play with your spouse, a friend, or even your children.
  5. You are not alone! – Remember you are not alone.  All moms out there have challenging moments.  Be open, real, and vulnerable.  Share with others so you don’t cultivate shame and you will see that you are not alone and it is possible to change. Share frustrations and tips with each other.  Each of us has wisdom to share.

We are all growing and changing together! Enjoy the blooming and renewal…

And, please post below about what helps you to stay grounded and calm during trying moments with your kids? Let’s support and inspire each other!

Peace and Love,


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Pump Up The Volume

I took my daughter to Universal Studios, specifically Harry Potter World, for her 8th birthday last weekend.  Just her and I! We both love roller coasters and amusement parks. I was so excited about our trip and special mommy/daughter time. And envisioned endless hours of talking, cuddling, and reading together (she is an avid reader).

Then we got on the road – a 7 hour drive from Atlanta to Orlando.  We stopped at the first rest stop and in my excitement and love I reached out to pull her close and to give her a hug.  She pushed me away with an embarrassed shrug and looked away quickly.  “Humph,” I thought.  Maybe it won’t be all cuddles this weekend, after all…

We got to the hotel and I tucked her in.  I gave her one kiss and she turned the other way.

Then in the morning we were off to Universal Studios where there were lots of OTHER PEOPLE.  So, of course, when I went in for another kiss on her head while waiting in line for the Hogwarts ride (that’s her in the picture) she shooed me away and swatted at my head like I was an annoying fly and hissed quietly “Mom, there are other people around!”

So by this time the Ogres were in my head.  They were saying all sorts of things like, “You are embarrassing. This is a preview of things to come for the two of you. Your relationship is doomed.” The Ogre voices got louder and louder quickly and I was envisioning the worst for us by the time she was 12 years old.

It was like that Pandora Radio App.  The one where you type in the name of a song or artist that you like and then it plays a radio station with all of those types of songs – playing them over and over and over…

Well, I had created a radio station in my head that was DJ’ed by my Ogres, played songs recorded by my Ogres, and even the commercials were produced by my Ogres.  The volume on this station was turned up so loud that I could hear it quite clearly over the motor of the roller coasters and excited screams of kids all around me.

Finally, after a few hours of Ogre torture, I checked in with my HeartTruth – that place of truth and knowing deep within.  I got crystal clear about the fact that my daughter is creating boundaries for herself. It is my job to let her do that with support and endless love. It is my job to stay absolutely connected to her in love and spirit and to give her space, respecting her quest to find her place in the world with others and with me.  It is my job to trust and hold our deep love and connection as a solid base for her to rest on, always.  In other words, “Don’t take it personally, Julie!”

From that moment on…all I had to do was turn the dial a bit to the HeartTruth station (I had to practice doing this a few times, at first). Eventually the station stuck – mostly because it felt so much more enlivening, loving and exciting than the Ogre station. I just turned up the volume on one HeartTruth thought and others quickly followed.  I was rockin’ out to some great and fun messages in my mind.

We had an amazing 4 days together!  It was a sweet dream! And, she even came to me to cuddle and let me cover her with kisses while waiting for some rides and in those sweet early hours of the morning. I drank in those moments and cherished every kiss and every cuddle.

So, this month, I invite you to get curious about what “radio” station is playing in your mind at any given moment in time.  Since you actually get to choose the station that plays, you might as well choose the HeartTruths and pump up the volume.

To Pump Up The Volume on Your HeartTruth:

  1. Go on an Ogre Hunt! Notice any Ogre voices that pop up. Voices, beliefs or      messages that leave you feeling heavy, hunched over, or breathing shallow,      short breaths are probably Ogre voices. These messages are limiting and      may sounds like “should’s, have to’s, or ought to’s”.
  2. Find Your HeartTruth.  Find a moment or two when you can put your hand      on your heart and begin to breath.  Your breath is the direct pathway      in to your HeartTruth. Imagine breathing right in to your heart imagining      that place of love, compassion, trust, knowing, and truth.  And, ask      that part of you what it knows. If you aren’t sure where to find this      voice, you can start by looking at the exact opposite of the Ogre. Or it      might be something deeper. Example:  Ogre = Our relationship      is doomed, Opposite of Ogre = Our relationship isn’t doomed.  Deeper      HeartTruth = We have all the tools we need to keep our relationship      flourishing and full of love. Be present.
  3. Use the volume dial!  Turn up the volume on      your HeartTruths.  Turn down the volume on your Ogre voices.

Enjoy your HeartTruth station and the beautiful, life-changing music!

Much Peace and Love,


P.S. Click here to view a short YouTube video where I talk all about pumping up the volume! I’d love to hear your thoughts about the video. I’m going to create more. What would you like to see videos about?

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Move over fear…now there’s something better!

Happy February! This is the month of love. And, as any mom can tell you, this is also still cold and flu season!

My son was sick this past week. One night his fever hit 102.5. I don’t know about you but for me, especially since becoming a mom, in the late hours of the night, I’m prone to blasts of fear and anxiety that shoot through my body and brain like lightening – especially around issues of health and safety for my kids, myself, my husband, (and even sometimes the earth.) I go right to thinking the worst.  And, it is terrifying! (That’s him – healthy – in the picture)

Oh, hmmm, I guess I have to admit that maybe…just maybe…it isn’t only late at night.  Those dark and scary fears pop up and hijack my brain and body during the day, too.  Sometimes they pop out when I see an accident on the side of the road, or when my kids are trying something risky at the park.  Or, when I hear sirens, or when my husband is later than usual coming home from work.  These thoughts/fears can pop up just about any time. And, when they do I take some Love and Health Breaths and they turn everything around!

Love & Health Breaths will help you to rewire your brain and body when you hijack it with all of those yucky, scary thoughts.  When you are fully touching in to those amazing places of love, health, and safety, then there is no room for the fear.

So, during those long nights when you are up with your sick kids and your mind wanders to places that you’d rather not go – or when you see a car accident or hear fire engine or ambulance sirens and you start to think the worst – or when you let your mind fly into the details of what could happen if you actually DID drive through that red light…try this!  Try taking some Love & Health Breaths.

Here’s the recipe for Love & Health Breaths… Give it a try.

  1. Notice. Notice when you get hijacked and a scary thought pops  in to your mind.  Maybe it takes your breath away, makes you gasp, or  sharply shifts your attention to a place you don’t really want to go. You know you’ve been hijacked when you look around and can see that your  intense fear or anxiety is NOT based on an actual or real threat in that very moment.
  2. Exhale out the Yuck. Take a conscious inhale and then exhale. As you exhale imagine all of the fear or anxiety empting out of your body.  If scary images popped into your head see them floating out with your breath as you exhale.  If it was scary words/thoughts that you heard, hear them exiting with the whistle of your breath. If it was feelings or sensations in your body that you noticed, then move/push them out with your breath. Example: I exhale away any images or thoughts of my son being sick and miserable or getting worse.
  3. Inhale Health and Love. Now, inhale and say to  yourself ‘health and love”.  Imagine whoever you are worried about      (one person or many) fully healthy, safe, and send them love. Feel it in  your heart, body, and see it in your mind’s eye as if it is absolutely true and happening right in this very moment – that they are healthy, safe      and feeling your love. Let it wash through and over you.  Let it fill you up.  Example: I inhale into my heart and body – filling myself up with images and thoughts of my son fully healthy, happy, strong, recovered, safe, and running around, smiling, and playing – a pure vision of health and love!
  4. Repeat. Repeat as many times as necessary to fill yourself up with your inhale – with love and health.
  5. Action. Now, from this place, if there is reasonable action to  take, you can take it from a place of grounded love, health and      safety.  Not a place of fear and desperate drama.  Example: Coming from a place of love, calm and trust, I make a plan to check my son’s temperature in one hour and to go from there.

This month any time your fear hijacks you – particularly around issues of health and safety – a feeling most of us moms know all too well – give yourself a few Love & Health Breaths and go right back to living your vivid, extraordinary, and very real life!

What are some times in your life that you could use some Love and Health Breaths?

Much Peace and Love,


P.S. If you want more information about how to Get Those Ogres (any limiting thoughts, beliefs, or fears), check out my book – Vivid Living for Busy Moms: Coach Yourself to an Extraordinary Life - Session 6 – for more tips, tools and resources. Or, contact me anytime.


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Intentions That Stick

Happy New Year! Glorious 2013 is here!  It is a fresh start and there is so much to celebrate.

Last month I took myself through my year-end ritual/visualization Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013! (If you haven’t done it yet, you can download the free visualization here.)  A few of my intentions for 2013 are to slow down, drink in gratitude and the beauty that is all around me, and to meditate daily. (The pictures here are of me enjoying a meditative walk, my middle daughter and I enjoying a lunch date, and some beautiful flowers I saw on a walk. I’m so grateful for these moments and for so much beauty all around me!)

If all goes according to plan, the first few days of 2013 I’ll be enjoying a vacation doing as much resting, yoga, meditation, and drinking in beauty and gratitude as I possibly can. My two girls will be enjoying some alone time with their grandmas in Vegas and my 4-year old will be enjoying some “boy” time at home with my husband (Thanks, honey – I love you!).

It should be pretty easy for me to stick to my New Year’s intentions this week! I’ll be on vacation. There’s lots of momentum, reminders, and passion supporting me to honor them.  But sticking to my New Year’s intentions & resolutions as the year moves on and I fall back in to my patterns of daily living, is the hard part.

If after a couple of days, weeks, or months, you forget about your New Year’s intentions and fall back into old patterns, you are not alone. Follow-though is definitely the hard part for most of us busy moms.

This month I’m sharing six tools that can help us all create intentions that stick!

The first place to look when you create your New Year’s intentions is to look at the language you use to articulate them. Do you use words that make you feel like your intentions are just one more thing to add to your to-do list? Ugggh! As a busy or working mom you probably have a to-do list that’s a mile long already. No need to add anything else to it!

Instead, as you move through the tips below use language that enlivens and inspires you. Use words that bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. When you do, your intentions will feel less like another burden or something to check off your to-do list and more like an exciting and hopeful path to living your vivid and extraordinary life you love.

Use the six tips below to help you create New Year’s intentions that stick.

  1. Intend in Real-Time.Create intentions using language as if you are already living into your intention in this very moment. (I am… instead of I will…)
  2. Intend from the Heart.Set intentions from your heart – from that place of deep desire and wisdom within. Create intentions that energize and enliven YOU – intentions that are compelling and exciting. Just because you or someone else thinks you SHOULD change doesn’t mean it is truly what you desire and are motivated or excited to do.(No “should’s”, “have to’s”, or “musts” allowed.)
  3. Intend Clearly. What exactly are you creating and intending for yourself? Get as specific as you can. Details are good and important.
  4. Intend with Integrity. Keep your intentions visible and top of mind so that you can remember and focus on them. Stick them up on Post-It notes, or tape them over your desk. Move them around when you no longer notice them. Play music, read poems, find or create art, wear jewelry or use your calendar regularly to help remind yourself of them and to keep them alive.
  5. Intend with Support. Share your intentions with others. Put your intentions out there into the world. Don’t just keep them to yourself. Share them with your significant other, friends, family members or other busy moms. You can even set up daily, weekly or monthly check-ins with them for more accountability. And, invite others to join you in the process of creating intentions that stick. Then, you can support each other.
  6. Intend at your Edge. Don’t settle or sell yourself short. Really go for it. Go to that edge where you start to feel that nervous/excited feeling. (Butterflies in your stomach often signal that you are at your edge). Stretch and challenge yourself and you will fly. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Setting intentions that stick might be new for you or may even feel challenging or even scary at first. Give it a try! A vivid and extraordinary year you love living is waiting for you. Setting and living into exciting and inspiring intentions will absolutely help you get there. Don’t let those intentions get away. This year, set intentions that stick.

Here’s to living a year you absolutely love! May it bring you all the joy, peace, health and amazing living that you can possibly stand…and more!

What are your New Year’s Intentions?  Please do share below.

Much Peace and Love,



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A Gift for You! Year-End Ritual and Visualization!

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

I have a gift for you!  Please download my FREE Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013! Year-End Ritual & Visualization.

Don’t miss out on this end-of-the-year favorite (that I have charged for in the past).  It is a wonderful way to look back on the celebrations and learnings from this past year and to move into 2013 with clear intentions, vision and some compelling plans for inspired action.  If you are looking for a way to consciously say goodbye to 2012 and to welcome in 2013?  Here it is…

Take a few minutes of me-time to honor all the richness and learning that the past year has given you and to take time to welcome in your dreams, intentions, goals, and desires for 2013 with passion and clarity.

Give yourself, your family and your life this gift.  37-minutes of me-time to listen to this visualization, can help you to live the 2013 of your dreams!

Feel free to download this FREE Year-End Ritual & Visualization now or anytime through January 6th.

And, feel free to share a link to this page to others & share the gift…


Much Peace, Love, and an Extraordinary 2013!


FREE Audio/MP3 Download Here


One Response to “A Gift for You! Year-End Ritual and Visualization!”

  1. Chris says:

    This is a ritual I normally do each year, but I was so happy to see that Julie not only espouses this ritual, but expands upon it and makes it a full, inspiring way to give introspection on the past, as well as helps you build a road map to an achievable, goal-driven future.

    Thank you, Julie – I now have a better, more rewarding ritual to look forward to each year!

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