Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014 – Year-End Ritual/Visualization

Happy December and Happy New Year! 

I’ve been on a self-gifted Sabbatical – that’s why you haven’t heard from me in awhile.  After months of feeling tired, shorter-fused than I wanted to be with my kids, and just generally burned out, I decided I was finally going to practice what I preach, listen to what my mind and body were telling me I wanted, and gift myself a Sabbatical. I’m still working, still writing, still coaching, still dreaming and doing – but doing less – and only doing the things that really, really excite me. (Here’s a picture of the Zeff Family playing at the beach on vacation in L.A.!)

I’m no longer doing things just because “that’s how I’ve done them for the 12 years that I’ve been coaching.” Or, “because that’s how people think I should be doing it or will expect me to do it (Hence the surprise Tidbits popping up at various inspired moments instead of on a regular schedule).”  Or, “because this is how I thought I would be doing it at this point in my business/career.”

I’m doing things the way I WANT and because I WANT to do them. It is freeing.

Letting go of all of those “should” Ogres and fears hasn’t been easy but I am so loving who I am as a mom/coach/wife/friend that it is worth the time and energy of staying conscious. I’m listening to my True Voice. That voice that is purely mine – without all the “should’s”, “have to’s”, and “ought to’s” popping up that cloud my judgment and my life! I have given myself a gift!

I have a gift for you.  Don’t worry it won’t necessarily lead you to a sabbatical (unless you want it to, of course).  What it can do is lead you to your True Voice and to a vivid and extraordinary 2014 and beyond, that you consciously choose and create for yourself.

I’ll guide you to review 2013 – to let go of old patterns and fears and to envision, create, and live 2014 just as you most desire.

Click the link below to treat yourself to a FREE year-end review/visualization and ritual audio/MP3 for you to download:

Goodbye 2013, Hello to 2014!

This short 40-minute ritual/visualizaion can change your life!

Feel free to share this link, do it with friends, even make it an official part of your Holiday Celebration.

An amazing 2014 is waiting for you. Whether it is creating and taking a sabbatical for yourself, or just adding some more verve into the life you are living – your vivid and extraordinary 2014 (and beyond) is waiting…

I’d love to hear from you. Email me...

Can’t wait to hear…

Happy New Year!  Enjoy an amazing year.  And, I’ll talk with you soon when we are both inspired to connect…

Much Peace and Love!


P.S. If you are feeling stuck in your 2013 patterns, then let’s set up a time to talk. In one no-cost session, we can explore what it will take for you to find the freedom and ease that you want for 2014 and beyond. Simply email me and give me some details about what’s going on to sign up! I reserve some time each month for these calls. Hearing from you inspires me. Happy New Year!


“The single most important thing I did in December of 2012 was to slow down and complete Julie’s Year-End Ritual/Visualization – Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!  The things I wrote down during that time were exactly what happened in 2013!  I have no doubt this is because I purposed it and saw it happening in advance, with Julie’s guidance.”  April O’Leary, Mom of 3 & Founder of the University of Moms

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