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Mindful and Heart-full Connections

An interactive workshop for mothers and daughters age 9-14

Mindful, heart-centered parenting provides mothers and daughters with the precious gift of deep, conscious connection. Practicing the tools taught in the workshop will empower both mothers and daughters to be guided by their own inner wisdom to cultivate a more authentic, empathic, stronger, and a happier relationship. This workshop consists of learning research-based concepts and tools, practicing heart-centered and mindfulness exercises, engaging in interactive discussion, and taking home clear suggestions for at-home practice.

Moms will learn to:

Daughters will learn to:


Lauren Taylor, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker who practices from a strengths perspective, using positive psychology and mindful awareness to guide clients toward greater fulfillment in their lives. She has been in private practice for fifteen years

Julie Zeff, MSW, CPCC, is a certified life coach, yoga instructor, author, and speaker who believes that absolutely everyone can live a vivid and extraordinary life that they love.  Julie has worked for over 14 years in the personal growth and mental health fields. 

“We are both working moms, lovers of learning and growth, and we share the philosophy that everyone’s Essence is ever-present, can be a trusted source of wisdom, and can serve as a powerful guide. We have found that our mother/daughter relationships thrive when we choose to tap into our true Essence of patience, non-reactivity and compassion. We share a love for guiding others to become more aware of the language and wisdom of mind, body and spirit.”

September 14, October 19, November 9, 2014, 4-6pm (3 Sundays)


Inner Balance Counseling, 621 North Avenue, Building E, Atlanta, GA 30308


$225 if you attend all 3 or $90 per session.

Contact Julie with questions or to register.



Vivid Living Coaching Groups

Bold and Brave – Six-Month Coaching Groups -  Contact Julie for More Info…

JumpStart - Six-Week Coaching Group - $197  TBD

All groups are based on my book, Vivid Living for Busy Moms: Coach Yourself to an Extraordinary Life.

Click here to view Group Coaching webpage for more information or Contact me .


Yoga Classes

I’m currently not teaching any regular yoga classes in Atlanta.  Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a private class or group.


Vivid Living Testimonials

“I had the lucky happenstance of coming across Julie’s book on Amazon and I loved the premise so much I ordered it immediately.

I LOVED the exercises and insight. I loved that it allowed me to narrow down what was important to me, what I honored, and what needs to be worked on.

Julie has created this wonderful Life Workbook that has tangible goals and end results. I’ve read lots of self-help books, and this one is truly unique in that it is SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

I, too, suffer from mommy guilt — I work full-time and am a dedicated wife and mom. I never feel like I am doing enough — but after making my way through this book it is nice to know I am in the company of many others on that one and that I now have more tools at my disposal to help me live with less guilt and to honor what is truly most important to me!” Chris Hare, Working Mom

“Julie is a working mom’s fairy godmother–she reminds you of what’s important, whispers just what you need to hear in your ear just when you need to hear it, and perhaps most importantly, teaches you how to be your own fairy godmother.” Kate Hanley, Ms.Mindbody, Author of The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide and Mom of two.

“Brimming with insight and experiential tools to nourish and guide women who dance with vibrant dreams and full plates, Vivid Living for Busy Moms is a gem.  Julie Zeff is a hands-on companion and champion whose realness offers down-to-earth wisdom and sky-high encouragement.  She’s a woman passionately devoted to seeing her fellow Moms thrive. She walks the Busy Mom path herself and is a brave and tender guide who leads with conviction and joy.  This book is a beacon, calling women to access and embrace the innate power of their mind/body/spirit wisdom, and to actively harness those illuminations to sustain and enhance their everyday reality.  Let it shine.” Gail Barrie, Master Coach and Author of Unwrapping Your Presence.

“As a teacher of Julie’s I am proud of her active and searching mind and how she brings what she has learned into the world. She has digested the teachings that matter most to her and she viscerally truth-checks her concepts in her body. She offers these teachings to other busy moms who are determined to grow in her book, Vivid Living for Busy Moms.” Ana Forrest, Creator of Forrest Yoga, and Author of Fierce Medicine.

“Vivid Living for Busy Moms is a must read for every mom wanting practical strategies and tools to not only survive, but to thrive.  Julie’s encouraging and powerful voice will guide you to live fully into your body, mind, heart, and life. Find strength, courage and clarity you didn’t even know you have. Give this book to every mom you know – but give it to yourself, first.” Debra Perlson-Mishalove, Founder and Director of Flow Yoga Studio – Washington, D.C., and mom of two boys, Jonah and Leo.

 “A must read for moms!  Powerful!  Life Changing!  In just seven ‘sessions’ Julie will warmly and expertly give you the coaching tools you need to tap into the innate wisdom of your mind and body to define and live what is absolutely most important to you in your life as a busy mom.” Kim George, author of the best-seller Coaching Into Greatness and founder of The Abundance Intelligence Institute®.

“Working with Julie, I learned so much more about myself than I thought possible in a short amount of time. The exercises in this book made it much easier for me to bring my best self to every aspect of my life, from school and work, to my family and my marriage. And to top it all off, life coaching is fun!  It didn’t feel like work at all – more like I got to spend a lot of time with someone I’ve come to like a lot…ME!”  Lynne McIntyre, Documentary Film Maker, MSW, and Mom of Two

“Julie is a gift to humanity.  She has a gentle but unyielding gift of engaging your heart, head and soul in every conversation.  She, impressively, goes deep quickly. She believes in the unlimited potential in each one of us and is able to help her clients unleash endless possibilities.  I leave every interaction feeling refreshed, focused and ready to live in the world as my best and most powerful self.  Whether I need to get clear, grounded, quiet or courageous, I work with Julie and leave the conversation with exactly what I needed to move forward.” Beth Stiner, Sr. Director, Talent & Organizational Effectiveness, Banner Health. Mom, Wife, Daughter and Friend

“After many years in therapy, I had lots of understanding about my past and how it impacted me.  BUT, I was still feeling stuck in old patterns and wasn’t thrilled with my present or how I was feeling day to day.  Then came my work with Julie.  Today, I no longer worry about who I “should be” or “who I thought I was”.  Julie has given me the ability make choices in my life that align with who I am and who I want to be today and for years to come.  The tools in this book enabled me to get real and honest about what I wanted in my life today and to create it.  Her work has changed my life in ways I never thought possible.  Julie will show you how to uncover your truth and how to live it and thrive TODAY!”  Nora, Sales and Marketing Professional and Mom of Two

“Working with Julie has changed my life 100%.  I went from a place of anxiety and self-doubt to a place of calm and truth.  Julie listens from her heart and brings out your true and authentic self.  Her coaching tools and techniques have given me the gift of knowing who I really am and living into a life I love everyday.  I recommend Julie’s work to anyone and everyone, wherever you may be along your life’s journey.”  Jen Zirkle, Educational Program Manager, Brailsford and Dunlavey

“Working with Julie is life changing.  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use a tool from this book and our work together.   You will learn to live into your untapped potential with the tools and perspective she shares.”  Laurie Singerman, Senior Congressional Staff and Mom of Two

A “sound byte” does not sum up what Julie has done for me.  It’s more of a feeling and a sense that she was right there with me, witnessing my pain as well as my true Essence, and helping me to be the best version of myself that I can be; Julie’s words and energy have been injected into my way of thinking and being in the world. Julie introduced me to new language to access the root of what is going on with me.  I found our work together around my Essences to be very helpful.  Labeling my Essences so clearly has given me a sense of entitlement around ‘living into’ these attributes and who I really am. And finally, Julie taught me how to “broaden the lens” of how I view and experience my life; she introduced me to the concept of “dreaming big” and “thinking big,” both of which have been invaluable! Rachel Lurie, Therapist

Here’s what women are saying about their participation in Julie’s Vivid Living Groups…

• “I have clarity around what I want more of in my life.  For example, I didn’t even realize that I wanted more ’fun’ in my life until I went through this book.  I clearly know now what is fun for me.  I travel more, play more and do the things that bring me joy.”
• “I no longer internalize my negative thoughts and beliefs.”
• “I have reduced the clutter in my life, and have shared this group experience with those closest to me and now have their support.
• “I met a group of fantastic and inspiring women!”
• “I use the tools from this book and group to help me make decisions differently in my everyday life.  I have a more positive and empowered perspective.”

“After doing the Vivid Living Coaching Group with Julie I have greater clarity about who I am and how I fit into the world.  I can’t think of a more important or exciting discovery.  After receiving a toolbox full of inspiring information and activities, I feel better equipped to BE ALIVE.  Julie is a gem. Her voice is both loving and firm, encouraging and challenging; her approach to coaching helps you to develop a true appreciation not only for who you already are, but also for what you might become.” Sara Oliveri, Health and Well-being Expert

“Although I had done some individual coaching with Julie prior to signing up for the Vivid Living Coaching Group, I had no idea what to expect.  Would I really benefit from listening to others share and work through their ‘stuff?’  Well, the answering was a resounding, Yes!  Julie has the gift of creating a place of absolute trust, integrity, and support within the group setting where everyone, without exception, could really be ourselves and benefit from not only Julie’s expert guidance, but from each other.” Sue Lomenzo, Principal, Small World Strategies LLC

“Julie’s style of life coaching is creative, efficient and to the point.   In short 30-minute sessions she gets to the essence of a situation, guiding me to a different way of approaching an issue that leads to quick results and major changes.” J. Nilsson, Financial Analyst

“Working with Julie has challenged me to name my goals and thereby to give them life. Her enthusiasm, honesty and genuine interest make our relationship one of my most cherished.” Sara Messeloff, Lifestyle Designer

“Julie has perfected the delicate balance of a light touch that drills to the core of a matter.” Hallie Crawford, Professional Coach

“My experience in a Passion Yoga Workshop led by Julie went beyond my expectations!  Through coaching, coloring and connecting with my body, I was able to accept a part of myself that I had formerly refused to accept.” Karen Lerch, Software Consultant

“Through my work with Julie I felt my heart more open, my body more flexible, and my mind at a deep level of peace.” Christian Mickelsen, Entrepreneur and Founder of and

“The Balanced Living Workshop supported me in getting in touch with myself at all levels and as a result I think more clearly and am actively pursuing my goals.  During the workshop I felt calm and at ease and am now able to relax more fully.  I strongly believe this workshop can help individuals become better team players in a company.” Laura Thunert, Escrow Officer

“Julie’s ability to create a safe environment during Yoga/Coaching allowed me to explore and move deeper into my mind, body and spirit connection.  She exudes a joy that is infectious and so healing!” Judith Mostyn, Teacher

“I always, without fail, feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually when I get out of a yoga class.  The positive energy and light that Julie brings to a room will keep you coming back.” Melanie, Circle of Living Yoga Student

“During my first class with Julie, her technique seemed a little too New Age for someone of my age.  But, by the end of that class, I felt full of energy, free of pain, and happy.  Yoga with Julie has been a fantastic experience.  Her yoga class will be my new benchmark.” Elvia Tapia, Bamboo Yoga Student

“As a relative newcomer to yoga, I found Julie’s class to be both challenging and non-intimidating. I was not only relaxed after taking her class, but also felt strong and centered.” Camille Bennett, Life Coach

“Julie has taught me to listen to my body and to tend to its needs through yoga and relaxation.  I have become a stronger person physically and mentally as a result of Julie’s classes.” Lynn McPhee, Real Estate Developer

“Under your direction, I experienced deep awareness of each pose by breathing deeply and learning to direct my breath to the areas that needed relaxing.  Now, that’s what I call a breath of fresh air.” Elvia Tapia, Bamboo Yoga Student