Change your body…Change your life!

I have been trained in Forrest Yoga, a powerful and mindful yoga practice that builds strength and flexibility along with emotional and spiritual intelligence.  Learn to connect with your core, breath and sensations in your body to access your innate wisdom and truth.  Work at your edge and develop potent tools to deal with life’s fears, struggles, joys and breakthroughs.  Become your own healer and teacher through this process of discovery and release.  Find inner and outer balance.

I infuse life coaching into all of the yoga that I do.  Who and how we are on the yoga mat reflects who and how we are in the world.   When you change your body you change your life.

This is fabulous “me time” for working moms.  Feed your body, mind and life!

No previous yoga experience necessary. 

Visit the Schedule to find Julie’s current yoga classes.

(I’m currently not teaching any regular yoga classes in Atlanta.  Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a private class or group.)