Your HeartTruth Knows!

We are moving…again! We are looking for a house to buy in our amazing neighborhood in Atlanta. We just love it here!

But which house? The one we are currently renting? Another house that’s on the market in the neighborhood? We have to decide soon! Our lease is up and our rental house is going on the market this week!

And, I do love our current rental home…but it doesn’t have everything we want…but, it is in a great location…but I bet we could find a home that has more of what we want within our price range…but everything is moving so quickly what if we don’t find something…and we have to move into temp housing AGAIN…and what if I regret it and miss this place so much because I really do love so much of it…

Can you hear and feel it? Those Ogres (limiting thoughts and beliefs)? The heaviness? Fear? Uncertainty? My mind is spinning! My heart-rate is up. It is hard to breathe and to trust.

Ever been here before?

We all have been. And, we all will be again! The good news is that once you are here you have choices. 

One choice is to use a tool that can help you get centered, grounded, and to tap into the natural wisdom of your body. Your HeartTruth! (Click here or on the picture above to watch my video all about HeartTruth.)

Listening to your HeartTruth will help you tap into your truth – deep within. Some people call it HeartTruth or “spirit, or “guide”, or even “G-d” – call it whatever works for you.

Yesterday on the heels of an exhausting episode of mental gymnastics trying to figure out how to make staying in our current house work, I took out my journal and had a conversation with my HeartTruth. Here’s how it went.

Julie: Should we buy this house?

HeartTruth (HT): (I thought at first my HT was going to say YES!! Of Course!! But, when I breathed and slowed down there was a long pause, I breathed and repeated the question a few times.) You will find what you are looking for?

Julie: Yes, but is it this house?

HT: You will find it.

Julie: But do we need to buy THIS house?

HT: You do not need to buy it now.  There is a house out there for you.

Julie: Thank you HT. (Ok – this was better I could feel this in my body.  I was more relaxed and there was less urgency.  It doesn’t need to be this house, now.  Maybe it still will be – who knows, but I clearly got that we don’t have to leap to buy it now.  I can trust that the right thing will come!) 

Curious? Now it’s your turn… 

Check-in with your HeartTruth. Here’s how to talk with your HeartTruth…

  1. Pen and Paper. Take out your pen and paper or journal.  It is      most powerful to write this on paper.
  2. Breathe. Take a few breaths and put your hand on your heart.
  3. Your Name. Write your name on the paper with a colon after it as      though you are writing dialogue for a play. 
  4. Question. Then write down the first question you have for your      HeartTruth. What is something that you want clarity about? Example:      Julie: Should we buy this house?
  5. HeartTruth. Write down HeartTruth and place a colon after it.       Then write down whatever you hear your HeartTruth say to you.       Breathe and listen.  Be patient and ask the question over and over      until you hear something…
  6. Thank you! Thank your HeartTruth for being with you and for      sharing it’s wisdom with you.
  7. Repeat. Repeat until you feel finished. You may want to ask a      similar question a few different ways to hear the answers. You can even      ask specifics like, “How do I do xyz?” Your HearthTruth will have      some answers for you if you slow down, are patient and listen – this will      get easier and easier with time and practice. 

This month, whether you are trying to decide what house to buy, what job to stay in or pursue, what to do with a relationship, how to help your child or someone you love, or even something as simple as what to do this weekend check in with your HeartTruth. You have endless wisdom within. Your body knows…

Please email me or post a comment to my blog to inspire us all and let us know what your HeartTruth told you and how you used it.  We’d love to hear…

Happy June!

Much Peace and Love,



2 Responses to “Your HeartTruth Knows!”

  1. Lauren says:

    My longtime friend jen and I watched the heart truth video, and it was helpful for us both. We are trying out how to figure out some ogres and worries. Facing big decisions can leave both of us overwhelmed. We will do the exercise in the morning. We are planning a wellness morning with yoga, meditation and heart truth time. We will let you know how it goes.

  2. admin says:

    So happy to hear it was helpful! Glad it inspired you and Jen to dive deeper together. There is so much strength and wisdom in sharing your journey with others and being on the path together… Hope you uncovered more delicious truths and wisdom! Peace and Love!

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